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MARA Authorized Immigration Consultants

Are you planning to migrate to Australia? If so, contact the MARA registered agents in Chennai. They are the registered agents who can assist you in applying for immigration quickly without any rejection. The multiple job opportunities, business growth opportunities, technological advancements and educational facilities make it one of the top choices for immigrants from foreign countries. A registered agent will also know the latest trends in the rules and guidelines of Australian immigration.

Why Choose a MARA Consultant?

  • They have the experience to give professional advice about the various visa options available when immigrating to Australia.
  • They are consultants who have in-depth knowledge about the changing Australian rules for immigration. It helps them provide accurate advice to the people planning to immigrate to the country.
  • They are bound by many rules and regulations, which gives the immigrants a good customer experience and transparency in the services offered.
  • They are the ones whom you can entrust with your immigration process as they offer all their services at a cost that the Australian government fixes. So, it helps you get professional services at fixed rates. 
  • They are required to follow a specific code of conduct, which guarantees that your information is safe and confidential within their hands.

Why Choose Australia?

  • The person holding an immigration visa in Australia can apply for citizenship there.
  • Being famous for its industrial development and technological advancements, it offers its immigrants high-quality standards to live within.
  • The education system in the country is among the top-rated ones in the world. Moreover, the immigrants’ children under 18 have access to subsidized education.
  • It also provides one of the world’s best healthcare services to its immigrants, for which they have free access. 
  • The country offers rewarding pay for the employment vacancies available each year to be filled by its immigrants.
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Functions of MARA

  • Represent the rights of foreign nationals who need a visa to Australia.
  • Help registered immigration consultants understand the obligations.
  • Ensure that the consultants registered under the MARA maintain the proper knowledge and skills required to help clients by giving timely advice.
  • Interact with the immigration agents to maintain integrity and follow the code of conduct.
  • Confirm whether the clients registered under the MARA registered consultants have received the proper services.

Various Work Permits Available for Australia

There are mainly two different types of permits available for foreign nationals interested in working in Australia. They are the open and the employer-specific ones.

Open Work Permit

These are access given to a skilled employee to work under any employer or company functioning in Australia. There is no restriction under this type. 

Employer-Specific Work Permit

Unlike an open work permit, it is a legal document that authorizes the person holding it to work only for a particular employee and for a specific duration mentioned in the permit. 
To learn more about applying for work permits in Australia, contact the work permit consultants in Chennai.


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