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Pathways for Indians Planning to Immigrate to Canada

Many Indians consider immigrating to a new country in search of a better future, and Canada is one of their favorite destinations among foreign countries. The country provides better jobs with a higher salary, business growth opportunities, improved quality of life, world-class education, and much more to its immigrants, making it a better place for them to live. Get in touch with the Canada immigration India to learn more about available ways to immigrate to the country. In addition, the country’s government has set up many immigrant-friendly pathways to attract foreign nations to come, work, study, and live in Canada.

Let us now go through the different pathways for Indian nationals to immigrate and gain a PR visa in Canada.

Express Entry

It is a category applicable to those who have working experience in any one of the skills mentioned in the list. An ideal candidate is a person who is below the age group of 30, with a great score on the IELTS exam, qualified with a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree, and with a good character certificate from the police station.


The category allows an Indian national to become a PR in Canada if he has a family member who can be his sponsor. The family member must be a permanent resident or citizen in Canada who has completed his 18 years, is in a good relationship with the applicant, and should have the money to sponsor.


Canada has thirteen provinces that have their own immigration pathways known as the provincial nominee programs, which the government designs to fit the economy and demography of the particular province. It is the easiest way for people who do not have the required CRS score to be eligible for ITA. Under the program, the applicant must consider the specific requirements mentioned by the province that he is planning to immigrate to.


The PR pathway is which allows an Indian worker with the required skills to immigrate to Quebec. It is ideal for professionals with minimal work experience. Being one of the provinces which have most of the French-speaking population, it accepts people who are well versed in the language. The program requires eligible candidates to submit an Expression of Interest in the online portal.

What is a Work Permit? (h2

It is a document with a written authorization issued to a PR or foreign citizen to work in Canada. The permit is a temporary stay visa that allows one to work and stay in the country for a short period. To get one, you must acquire a contract of employment or job offer from a Canadian employer.

Contact now to learn more about the PR options to help Indian nationals immigrate to Canada.


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